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За кулисами... с Нуно Беттенкуртом (в туре с Рианной 2010) / Backstage with... Nuno Bettencourt (on tour with Rihanna 2010)
22.12.2010, 19:59
Chicago, IL, USA

Guitar Edge's Elliott Politte and crew catch up with the legendary Nuno Bettencourt in Chicago IL, as lead guitarist for Rihanna. Nuno shows us his stage rig as well as talks with us about moments in his life and recording gear....and horse sounds.

@ 2010 Guitar Edge LLC

taken from GuitarEdge

An exclusive tour around Nuno's guitar rig as used during Rihanna's world tour. Taken from Guitarist magazine issue 331.
For more guitar news, advice and interviews, and to find out more about the magazine, visit http://www.guitarist.co.uk

taken from GuitaristMag

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